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The age of digital credit has arrived in West Africa and with it, an influx of loans & credit platforms competing to acquire a sizeable market share. In a bid for differentiation, certain platforms have white-washed personal loan products as ‘credit card” products thereby fueling a misconception that loan cards are also credit cards.

Boon has now been challenged with sensitizing the African market on revolving credit and the benefit while providing the best customer service daily through best-in-class products and services, thereby positioning itself as a true and capable revolving credit provider. Avoda was tasked with designing a unique brand identity entirely distinct from its direct and indirect competition.

Due to the fact that boon was coming into the market to operate differently, the goal was to design a brand identity that was able to seamlessly stand out in an already saturated market space. 

Boon is all about ease and simplicity, so we started there. We quickly realized that nothing rolls over smoother and easier than a circle in motion and just like boon's revolving true credit model "booners" quickly access and rollover credit with ease. This was what informed the design of the logo from four revolving circles. When it came to colours, for a more distinct look and feel away from the typical "fintech" category, we choose lush green which is associated with newness and growth as boon's primary colour. We also introduced an array of supporting colours for a more flexible colour palette.

In the end, we established an identity that was not only distinguishable within a saturated category of credit providers, but an identity that simply compliments boon’s empathic, leadership, Ingenuity, and service-oriented nature.